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Flexible Hedge Fund Management

Simplify your fund redemption process with efficient investor onboarding. Ensure smooth operations and maintain compliance throughout ongoing investment activities of the hedge fund.

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Automated Investor Onboarding for Hedge Funds

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Seamless Subscriptions

Manage subscriptions, investment terms, fees, lock-up periods, and oversee redemption.

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Single Source of Truth

Unite teams and service providers around a SSOT with real-time fund data. Benefit from the intelligent information capturing trusted by thousands of LPs.

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Continuous Onboarding

Turn months of manual work into days with onboarding workflows and reusable investor wallet.

Investor Onboarding

Vestlane supports an open-ended fund structure, allowing continuous entry and exit of investors. Facilitate initial and additional subscriptions, providing investors with the flexibility to increase their stakes at regular intervals.

Efficient Fund Redemption

Enhance yor fund redemption process through efficient investor management, digital solutions, and optimized operations and compliance.

Investment Flexibility

Choose from 100 jurisdictions to domicile your hedge fund in strategic locations, including the Cayman Islands, US, Luxembourg, and Ireland.


Continuous Compliance

Maintain robust due diligence. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including AML and KYC checks. Support continuous investor activities in your hedge fund.

Safeguarding your fund operations

Securely manage fund operations with Vestlane's registration and document submission processes. Our infrastructure is aligned with data protection laws and is ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC certified.

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SOC2 Certification

We're currently completing our SOC2 certification.

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Robust Encryption

Data and documents always encrypted in transit and at rest.

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Frequent Backups

Documents are backed up daily, data even hourly.

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Data Replication

Backups are replicated in multiple German data centers.

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