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March 21, 2023
4 min

How FLEX Capital raised their latest €300m fund via Vestlane.

About FLEX Capital

FLEX Capital is a private equity fund founded by successful serial entrepreneurs. They invest in profitable and growing midsized companies from the German internet and software market.

The Challenge

Before FLEX Capital started using Vestlane, onboarding investors was very manual and time-consuming. The FLEX Capital-Team had to send large batches of PDFs to each investor and then wait long periods for them to return them with their signatures.

While waiting, nobody knew the current status of the investor, whether he had already signed or had any additional queries. Even tracking how much was raised turned out to be difficult. Using Excel to manage and store all information about LPs also cost a lot of time and effort.

With the new AML regulations, it would have been even more of an administrative nightmare.

“We are very happy that we chose to do our current fund onboarding with Vestlane and are very much looking forward to further smooth fundraises with the tool!” - Thomas Mayer, Director Finance @FLEX Capital

The Solution: A Digital Investor Onboarding

To solve these challenges, FLEX Capital chose to use Vestlane´s Digital Investor Onboarding Platform. Vestlane provides an easy-to-use SaaS solution to handle onboarding, KYC screening, signing, and closing – all within one platform.

Because the process happens within one platform, it is easy to track the progress of each investor and get in touch with them directly if things don't move forward.

The integrated IDnow- and DocuSign-Feature eliminate the need for wet-ink signatures, reducing the waiting time, and making the process almost paperless.

How FLEX Capital uses Vestlane as their single-source- of-truth, replacing Excel

In the process of onboarding future LPs, Vestlane captures all relevant LP information, eliminating the use of self-maintained databases. This is what Thomas Mayer has to say about replacing Excel with Vestlane:

“Vestlane has allowed us to have all important LP information in one single and secure tool that can be accessed (with the respective rights) by all relevant employees. Gone are the Excel lists, and gone is the massive amount of paper as well as email streams.”

Vestlane not only solved the challenges of the old onboarding process, it also provided investors an excellent and smooth onboarding experience.

We are proud our tool helped FLEX Capital raise their latest 300 Million Fund, supporting mid-sized software companies in Germany and beyond.

Join FLEX Capital and raise your next fund via Vestlane.

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