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Vestlane Success Story

How Vestlane provided Headline with a single source of truth

Thilo Wurst

Legal Counsel

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Headline is a Venture Capital firm actively on the ground in 7 cities around the world.


Sonos, The RealReal, Creditas, Sorare, Pismo, AppFolio, goPuff, Acorns, Farfetch, Segment, Bumble and Yeahka.


Tech, SaaS, eCommerce, AI

Vestlane Features Used

Fund Operations with KYC / AML

Meet Headline

Headline is an international venture capital firm with offices in Berlin, Paris, London São Paulo, San Francisco, Taipei, and Tokyo. Headline’s Early Stage Funds are based in the US, Europe, Asia, and Brazil, and invest locally. Their Growth Funds invest globally from Series B and beyond.

As part of their strategic approach to enhance operational efficiencies Headline partnered with Vestlane, known for its comprehensive compliance solution with streamlined fund operations, boosting efficiency for both GPs and LPs.

Vestlane offered Headline a solution that simplified daily operations, from managing communications with investors to ensuring compliance with regulations. This partnership was initiated from a position of strength, reflecting Headline’s proactive approach to optimize operations through smart technology.

The features provided by Vestlane, such as centralized communication channels and automated compliance systems for KYC and AML, enabled Headline to handle the complexities of fund management with ease.

Thilo Wurst, Legal Counsel at Headline, highlighted the effectiveness of this collaboration: "We all recognize the importance of a single source of truth. Vestlane serves as that crucial resource, providing all teams with consistent and reliable information they need."

This collaboration between Headline and Vestlane demonstrates how the right technological tools can simplify complex tasks, allowing firms like Headline to continue leading in the competitive venture capital market by focusing on strategic growth and innovation.

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