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Vestlane for Fund Managers

Secure LPs' Trust from Day One

Whether led by a primary fund manager or operating democratically, our investor portal enhances teamwork and unifies your data into a Single Source of Truth.

Trusted by leading funds


Built by Engineers. Approved by Lawyers. Driven by Data.

Get audit-ready in no time with 360° KYC/AML operations covering KYB and KYA tailored to needed jurisdictions. Continuous compliance with minimal effort.

Unite Team and Data One Place

Unite your team and all service providers in one place. Enhance teamwork and promote a secure, collaborative environment for efficient fundraising.

Satisfy Regulatory Requirements

Achieve due diligence with our KYC & AML checks combined with personalized advice from our team. We empower you with specialized risk, compliance, and governance tools without heavy costs.

Build Strong Investor Relationships

Forge strong relationships with investors through a superior onboarding experience from the start. Enhance investor satisfaction, loyalty, and capital commitment.

Grow Faster

Gain back time to focus on your strengths and achieve strategic goals. Drive investor engagement and profit with swift conversions, delivering faster closings and capital raise.

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with Vestlane.

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